Fresh water fish occupies a prominent position in th local gastronomic fare.
In the costal villages from Porto to Assenza to Magugnano and castelletto fishing is still a reality with deep traditional roots.
The typical recipes of the villages around the whole of Lake of Garda are almost exclusevely fish based, particularly with eels, carp, withfish, pike sardines and trout.
As you leave the Lake and climb the mountains, you find dishes based on meat, game, cheese and also woodland produce such as mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts in autumn.
But as mentioned the lake fish is the star of the local cuisin. Worth a mention is the rare "noble" carp, a salmonid endemic to the lake of Garda.
The less noble fisch such as sardines, chub, bleak, pike and perch, also occupy a leading role at the dining table.

Typical fish recipes of Brenzone:

Pickled bleak, called agole salae or aole salè, gives rise to a wonderful dish tipical of Brenzone, the bigoi co le agole.
Besides beiong an excellent first course, the agole can form the basis of starters, such as in "sisam", an ancient dish with strong flavour with vinegar and sugar.
Blaek, sardines,eels, and withefish can also be eaten en saor, a process that whas an eccent method for preserving fish.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the main features of the landscape around the lake are the olive trees that grow at a height of 300 metres giving to the zone the breathtaking charm that makes of it a beloved place.
Lake Garda is the northernmost region in the hemisphere, where olive trees grow and olive oil is produced.
The local oil is in fact one of the best olive oils of Italy thanks to its delicate taste that makes it particularly advisable for fish. Excellent if used uncooked.
Farms bound to the oil producers' association are opened to visitors and sell the product directly.

You can Buy Extra virgin
Olive Oil in Brenzone at:

Oleificio Piccoli Produttori Castelletto di Brenzone